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tv   [untitled]    August 29, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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if you look at the other 20, you'll notice that they average around 107 square feet. with the second-largest deck on the order of 160 feet. so, there's almost 100 square feet difference between the horner's deck proposed deck and what anyone else in our neighborhood has actually built. i think that the take away from that is this deck is [speaker not understood] in context. and in order to have a functional deck as indicated with what 20 other people had done, that this deck could take a five-foot setback with the railing which would leave it
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near the top of this list. plus, it would also mitigate the privacy issue that we're facing. thank you. >> thank you. project sponsor, you have two minutes. i'll be quick. the simple idea is that when i stamped in my heels at five feet back, i can still see in the bedroom window and i don't think that's going to solve that. that's the concern basically that we have. we played the sectional game back and forth to retrieve the edge of the deck and make the edge of the deck solid. and somebody who is shorter than i am is perfectly cut off at the five foot length. somebody who is as tall as i am or taller has a straight shot. and i think there's just a simple question of what is a
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reasonable approach to this, what is the intent of the planning code to allow this kind of habitation of an otherwise unused flat roof area. and that's all i have to offer. thank you. >> thank you. okay, the public hearing portion is closed. commissioner sugaya. >> yes, it's a difficult case, i think, for the commission because you kind of have to say on the one hand if you just look at what the architect's presented as just land use issues, or setback issues or residential design guideline issues, or whatever, then it probably isn't extraordinary. but there seem to be other circumstances that we're always faced with. so, on the one hand, i think as
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a bedroom, since it's off the bedroom and if we assume that the project sponsor is going to live there for quite a long period of time and he's old enough that he's not going to grow very much taller, he's, you know, the five foot setback would probably work. i don't know which lady in the back is your wife, but i assume she's not any taller than you are. so, from one standpoint you could argue that five feet might work in this case and still have enough livability on the deck. and i suppose -- and i don't know where to go with it exactly, but one idea might be to have -- although you may not
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want to go to the extent of spending the money for it, but you could have the roof deck as a deck and only pull the railing back five feet. and then at some future date -- and i'm trying to be sensitive here. at some future date, either the if this owner leaves, you're not going to sell your house since you've been there for 30 years. there might be a time in the future when there could be some extension or something like that. but that's neither here nor there. i don't know where to go with it actually. i'd like to hear more discussion among the commissioners. >> commissioner antonini. >> well, i have some thoughts on this. i don't really care what the relative size is if the deck is
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relative to the other decks in the area. it's whatever is suiting the project sponsor. it looks like -- i'm not sure if this is 25 by 10. it looks like it probably runs the width of the house almost, and then i would assume it's about -- our project architect, is it 10 foot -- >> yeah, 25 by 12. >> please come to the podium. >> yeah, just tell me what the dimensions are. the setback from both -- the setback from one side property line approximately 4-1/2 to 5 feet. and the adjacent space happens to be above the street which is the series of steps, which is also one of the reasons why we can have the deck up against that property line and it's open to the public. >> right. what are the dimensions? it's probably in our paperwork. i believe it's 20 by -- >> [speaker not understood]. >> okay, thank you. the point is the 12 because i was thinking 25 by 10, but now,
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you know, because as you start to pull the thing back, particularly five feet, you start getting into a really small situation. your distance from the house, if you want to put a picnic table there, you want people sitting around it, you've got to have room for the table, room for the chairs. and, so, you know, it makes it difficult to have enough room to maneuver around there. it's not impossible, but it makes it less desirable. we've got 45 -- 43-1/2 feet of separation as was mentioned between the house, the d-r requestor's house and the location on the deck. even detached homes in san francisco frequently have -- if they're lucky -- three-foot separations. in the case of my house, which is in a detached neighborhood on the west side, three foot on each side. so, if i've in one of the rooms looking south, my neighbor is in her bedroom there, we have the windows open and mine are open, and we can see each other. i mean, it comes with urban
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living, but this is an extremely long area there. so, i don't know that the idea or the solution of the fence i don't think is a good one because it's only going to cut the light and air to the bedroom in question of the d-r requestor. probably you want to get as much light and air in there. so, i don't see that as being a solution. but i'm not really sure that we need to cut a lot of size off of here. we have had situations often with our decks where we don't bring the railing all the way to the very end of the deck. it is -- i would entertain the possibility of recessing it a foot or, you know, two feet at the most away from there which still leaves you 10 feet. and that's enough room to maneuver around the table from the house to the side of the deck. >> commissioner moore. >> since this particular deck is off a bedroom, i think the
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possibility of having a dining room table with people sitting around the table is somewhat limited, although people might do it. i think i generally favor decks to not be flush with the building wall for reasons, one, outside elevation, but also for reasons of [speaker not understood] the devil is in the details on that particular thing because not very -- if you have a solid [speaker not understood], do a good detail on the railing, it's not the easiest [speaker not understood]. i would be prepared to pull the deck two feet back and have that be a compromise. we do have a substantial separation, though, 45 feet plus a grade to front which by itself is a combination of the vertical as well as the slope distance, which makes it
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somewhat unlikely somebody to stand at the edge and intentionally stare down, that's not how life works. there is a sensitivity to the health of the neighbors. i'm sure the neighbors will not send their guests or themselves to the edge in order to stare down there. having said that, i would be comfortable of taking d-r and asking for a two-foot setback off the deck to a 10 by 21.5 and leave it with that. >> is that a motion? >> it is a motion, yes. >> second. >> commissioner hillis? call the question. >> on that motion to take d-r and approve the project setting back the deck's depth by two feet, reducing the deck's depth 2 feet to 10 feet, on that motion, commissioner antonini? >> i'm sorry, i'm not sure if it's 10 feet or 10.5. >> 10 feet. >> is that correct --
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>> i was pulling it back by two feet, that's correct. >> i think it was testified that the depth was 12.5. >> 12 and 12, 12 and 1 inch. >> 10 foot 1 inch, close enough. >> reducing the depth of the deck by 2 feet. on that motion, commissioner antonini? >> aye. >> commissioner borden? >> aye. >> commissioner hillis? >> aye. >> commissioner moore? >> aye. >> commissioner sugaya? >> no. >> and commission president -- excuse me, commission chair wu? >> aye. >> so moved, commissioners, that motion passes by a vote of 5 to 1 with commissioner sugaya voting against. commissioners, that will place you on public comment. i have no speaker cards. >> is there any general public comment? okay. seeing none, meeting is adjourned. [adjourned] so it is my complet
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to be able to welcome so many wonderful people and so many people that support our school and all of these excess where having and i guess i want to introduce mayor lee. mayor lee, please stand up and wave to our community. [applause] >> so, as everyone was gathering in our main office we have come up with, we were brainstorming what we wanted to know from the mayor and from the superintendent. our students here we read the book of but not buddy this summer. have either of you read that
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book? well it looks like oregon have to mail the superintendent and the mayor are book. we definitely want them to know what were talking about, right? very good. so then let's substrate. let's remember what our three rules that we always lived by? >> be responsible. be safe. be respectful. awesome. i want to make sure that were all showing our democrat on the south side right now and we are going to be welcome back to school by our mayor. please give them a round of applause. [applause] >> thank you. good morning everyone. well you should know i only live less than 3 min. away from here. just up the hill. so i get to watch all of you. but, i am very happy to join our local supervisor of this district by john avalos this here this morning. it's a
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pleasure i was very much care about our education. i want to thank teresa ship for welcoming me here to your first day of school. i'm of course here with your superintendent. mr. carranza, thank you. we caught a couple of school board members and school officials and teachers representative here as well. mr. mendoza on our school board emily goshawk as well. and we have of course a number of school districts rep. as well as parents. all the parents are here today. [applause] >> well, first of all welcome. welcome some of you back to school. welcome some of you who have just started here at james jim and school. we love our students. you are happy, yes?
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well, i hope you are because we got a lot of great things this year. i think we believe we have a new classroom in fact. i have been working hard over the summer with hydra and a company called salesforce and they are here today, salesforce does a lot of great engineering in san francisco and they do something called the cloud. how many people know what the cloud is? anybody know what the club is? you will learn. you'll learn a little bit. some of the teachers know that for sure they can explain to you. but, this company is headquartered in san francisco and they are helping me help all the middle schools in san francisco get modernized. that is, to get technology, get wi-fi service, get computer tablets to the teachers, to of course, our principal. to help with the modernization of this school so
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that you, as students, and also as parents, can actually get a lot more science done, a lot more math done. a lot more engineering done. and become even more skilled because some of you, in fact, i see somebody here that's going to be the mayor of san francisco get somebody in this crowd is going to be the next mayor. how do you like that? do you want my job? [applause] >> well you can have a lot of fun. i think when science and the math and all the other skill sets that the school district wants this school and so many of the other middle schools to have more of, you're going to be the beneficiaries of it. i know you're going to be motivated. i want to thank you for not only getting up early, brushing your teeth, getting a good healthy breakfast, and running down here to make sure you meet your new teacher this year. this is going to be great. again, i am
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just 3 min. away. but we're also going to be working very closely. this won't be the first and only time you see me. there'll be other times you see walking around the campus because i do care about all of you as our middle school students. you're going to be the best minds. your point of great jobs when just a few years from now you're all going to be and up in college or some good jobs. and, if you need some help with a resume, ask me or ask supervisor apples. we'll be glad to write you support for resume for the best job. you could be the head of a company. you can even be the start of a great sports team. or, you could be a scientist or a doctor or a lawyer but anything you want to be. you definitely have it begins right here. so congratulations good
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morning welcome back to school and have a great grade year. thank you, teachers. and administrators. [applause] >> thank you. thank you mayor lee. what an exciting day. wow. admin. we are so proud. we also have another really special guest. who remembers what is our superintendent's name? >> superintendent carranza. please welcome him back up so we can welcome us to school. >> [applause] >> good morning. wait a minute. you've been resting all summer. rights were to do this i want you to blow the roof off of this auditorium. when i say good morning i want you in your loudest most excited voice to say good morning back. are you ready? take a deep breath. sit up straight. here we go. good morning >> good morning >> that's what i'm talking about. it's great to be back in school. it's great to welcome
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all of you here. i want to especially welcome the parents and our teachers and our paraprofessionals in our demonstrators would've been here for, believe it or not, over a week preparing for this very day. to get ready for the first day of school something of great experience. now if i understand correctly your sixth-graders, correct? >> yes >> no? this is what i want you to do. by the way, i was very impressed that you actually knew my name. so thank you very very much. this what i want you to do. i want you to think about when he went to kindergarten. do you remember that? then after kindergarten you went to first grade. do you remember that? did you have fun in first grade? did you have fun in kindergarten? yes. did you have fun in second grade? yes. this is just another transition. so since grade may be scary but it's not that scary because you can have fun and since grade. you know
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how i know why you have fun in six great because of excellent teachers at denman. they are going to help make learning fun for you. they are going to encourage you and support you and you know why i know that you're going to have fun weekly here because the secret is that denman is a fantastic middle school. you know high note the secret is out because denman has a waiting list now of kids that want to come to denman middle school. did you know that? did you know that? >> [applause] >> so there are other children i want to come to denman they just could becomes there's not enough room. you got into denman. you should be very proud of the fact that you got into denman and that other people want to come to denman.
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you know it's going to happen? next year when people want start applying for middle school they're going to see the great year that you've had and didn't want to come to middle school as well and they say i saw merely walking the halls because he's my neighbor. he lives down the street. it is a wow, the bear comes in the busy supervisor below supporting you to say the supervisor is here. you know why we're all here? more than anything we are here because we want to thank you for the great job that you've done and the great job you're going to do and we are so proud of denman middle school. you're doing a great job. so as six graders, i want you to have fun this year. can you do that? that's not very convincing. can you do that? >> yes >> i said can you do that? >> yes >> are you going to do that? i want you to have a great start to the year before i give up the microphone, i want to thank your principal, and your assistant principal for the great job they're doing. how about a big round of applause for them? >> [applause] >> yes. they're going to work to support your teachers and your teachers are working to support you. it's one big community. parents support everyone that here. i also want
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to recognize some folks that are in the audience because they wanted to come and be part of this visitation as well. you party met our mayor, you've already met our commissioners. you've already met our supervisor mr. avalos, but i want to introduce you to our deputy superintendent for policy and operations, leon lee (sp?). our general counsel who is sean davis. our assistant superintendent for middle school, jeannie bond. our special assistant to the chief of staff who is overseeing this wonderful middle school project from the district side budget kiara. then the best for last, the president of our united educators of san francisco, mr. dennis kelly. and our executive vice president for united educators ms. susan solomon. we're all here together to tell you how proud we are of you a
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you have a great grade school year and i'm going to ask >> is [music] >> >> >> the public wants to access particular information about your house or neighborhood we point them to gis. gis is a combination of maps and data. not a graphic you see on a screen. you get the traffic for the streets the number of crimes for
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a police district in a period of time. if the idea of combining the different layerce of information and stacking them on top of each other to present to the public. >> other types of gis are web based mapping systems. like google earth, yahoo maps. microsoft. those are examples of on line mapping systems that can be used to find businesses or get driving directions or check on traffic conditions. all digital maps. >> gis is used in the city of san francisco to better support what departments do. >> you imagine all the various elements of a city including parcels and the critical infrastructure where the storm drains are. the city access like the traffic lights and fire hydrants.
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anything you is represent in a geo graphic space with be stored for retrieval and analysis. >> the department of public works they maintain what goes on in the right-of-way, looking to dig up the streets to put in a pipe. with the permit. with mapping you click on the map, click on the street and up will come up the nchgz that will help them make a decision. currently available is sf parcel the assessor's application. you can go to the assessor's website and bring up a map of san francisco you can search by address and get information about any place in san
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francisco. you can search by address and find incidents of crime in san francisco in the last 90 days. we have [inaudible] which allows you to click on a map and get nchldz like your supervisor or who your supervisor is. the nearest public facility. and through the sf applications we support from the mayor's office of neighborhood services. you can drill down in the neighborhood and get where the newest hospital or police or fire station. >> we are positive about gis not only people access it in the office but from home because we use the internet. what we used to do was carry the large maps and it took a long time to find the information. >> it saves the city time and money. you are not taking up the time
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of a particular employee at the assessor's office. you might be doing things more efficient. >> they have it ready to go and say, this is what i want. >> they are finding the same things happening on the phone where people call in and ask, how do i find this information? we say, go to this website and they go and get the information easily. >> a picture tells a thousand stories. some say a map


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